Sarfaraz Arzu,
Publisher & Chief Editor
Hindustan Daily, Mumbai.

Gazanfar Jawed
Editor: Amber Aurangabad

Glory be to Taj Mahal, the everlasting epitome of love, timeless poetry in marble, one of the greatest wonders of the world, the most beautiful building on the face of the earth, one can never have enough of it. Wah Taj.

Behind this flawless manif estation of human effort lies one irrefutable truth - yes, the human effort. Thousands of workers, masons, artists, artisans and others toiled for decades to create this masterpiece. While the world beholds the Taj and remembers Shah Jehan only a chosen few look beyond what beholds the eye and try to reconstruct the lives of the nameless and faceless denizens whose efforts got translated into the epic beauty called the Taj Mahal and whose descendants continue to be at the bottom of the heap even today.

Shabbir Ansari is the foremost among them and the All India Muslim OBC Organisation is the body that has spearheaded this movement of mass awakening, the exercise to contact and connect the most backward of Muslims whose fate remains unchanged in what is euphemistically referred to as the Great Indian Democracy- unsung, unwanted, unheard and unseen. Although the govts ,day in and day out, announce their concern for these hapless victims of unlimited bigotry, rarely do we come across gestures that can change their lives , raise them above the level of mere sustenance, mere subsistence- leaving it to the likes of Shabbir Ansari to fend for them, to raise their demands and fight for attaining what is rightfully theirs.

Thus a movement is born- the Muslim OBC Movement. The All India Muslim OBC Organisation under the able leadership of its protagonist Alhaj Shabbir Ahmed Ansari, has always propagated reservation for the most backward amongst Muslims- Ansaris, Momins, Julahas,Telis, Tambolis, Bagwans, Salmanis, Faqirs, Qasabs and a whole lot of others and they have succeeded too, as in Mharashtra, where the doors of Reservation have opened up for upto 85% of the Muslim population which is covered under the umbrella of Other Backward Classes [OBCs].

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